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Diabetes Miscellany


On 20 December, 1996 the Diabetes & Hypoglycemia Forum on CompuServe officially launched the Gray Ribbon Cure Diabetes Campaign. The purpose of this movement is to educate the public about the devastating nature of this "silent killer" that is so desperately in need of a cure. I am pleased to report that the campaign has been gaining worldwide support and it is hoped that those who wear and promote the ribbon will be instrumental in making the CURE a reality. The Pages that follow are dedicated to the Campaign, the Cure, and the Victims.


The Diabetes Quilt is a memorial to victims of  diabetes and its complications.

Please visit the Virtual Quilt Pages.

Read the Diabetes Interview article about the Quilt.

Please do not send e-mails requesting ribbons. If you wish to start a campaign you must make your own ribbons. Please cllick here for instructions.



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