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Part One: The Gray Ribbon Campaign


Diabetes, often viewed as a "simple little sugar problem," is actually a very serious disease that affects 120 million children, women and men worldwide--and the number is increasing. This silent killer, which is a leading cause of blindness, amputations, kidney failure, heart disease, stroke and other devastating complications, is desperately in need of a cure. The Gray Ribbon Campaign began with a small group of people who decided it was time to get the message across. And noting the success of other ribbon campaigns this group realized that diabetics (and those who care about them) should have their own ribbon---with gray representing clouds (every cloud must have a silver lining) and with the stone symbolizing blood. Thus the Gray Ribbon was born. The ribbon campaign has caught on and is spreading like the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Greece, Mexico....wherever there is someone who has heard about the Gray Ribbon. The support has been amazing. PLEASE JOIN THE CAMPAIGN AND WEAR A RIBBON!!! HELP FIND THAT SILVER LINING....A CURE!



Ribbons 2003

There is no organized campaign for creating the ribbon.  People who are involved have created their own campaigns. They form groups or they work by themselves or within their own families. Then they go to local pharmacies, doctors' offices, community centers, houses of worship, etc. to distribute ribbons. The goal is to  get the "we need a cure message" across. If you belong to or know of a group that would like to participate in this project please feel free to get started as soon as you can.


As for making the ribbons,  the methods vary only slightly among our ribbon makers. We use either 1/4, 1/2 or 5/8" grosgrain or satin ribbon (gray or silver) cut into a 4 to 6" strips. We loop the strip and place a tiny bit of glue (using a glue gun or fabric glue) to hold the ribbon together. Then we place a red stone at the fold. I prefer the 1/2 ribbon. Others like the 1/4" or the 5/8". I have used jewelry pins but that's not necessary; others have successfully used small safety pins.

Several people have asked me where they can purchase the materials. Most fabric and craft stores carry the supplies. I have found that Jo-Ann Fabrics (with stores throughout the U.S.A.) has a good selection. You can find a list of stores at   

(Please do not ask me for ribbons. The metal version is no longer available but feel free to use the instructions to make your own.)





The Ribbon-Making Teams

A Pot'Gold symbol will be placed next to the names of those who have made more than 500 ribbons.

(Note: 2003 Update: Team Activities are no longer recorded. )

Thanks to the following:

Wilma Reiber & Family, California The Radley Family, Ottawa, Canada
Growing Space, Mays Landing, New Jersey Troop 1779, Girl Scouts, BelCarlos, California
The Harrisons of North Carolina Deborah Green & Family, Birmingham, Alabama
Carole Leveillé, Hammond, Ontario Allison Bennet, Texas
Curtise McKenzie, California Troop 1194, Girl Scouts, BelCarlos, California
The Ullmans The Brenners Family, Texas
Lorraine & Sarah Brownrigg, Hammond, Ontario Cindy Colombo, California
Babette Conlin, Florida Kacy Schmelzer, Wisconsin
Adena Barry John Davis, Detroit, Michigan
Beth Lenky, New Jersey Katherine Mandara & Support Group
Kerry Springman, California Holly & Rodney Crockett, Texas
Cathie Segal, Michigan A. Shapiro, New York
Grace Johnston, New York Diabetes Care Center, Lois & Jack Loomstein, Missouri
Martin MacArthur, Orlando, Florida Gareth Williams, South Wales, United Kingdom
Stephanie Lemaster, Alaska Michelle Deutschmann, Massachussetts
Troop 3889, Girl Scouts, BelCarlos, California The Mittelman - Page Family, Virginia
Carrie & Alicia Ertle, Pennsylvania Robin Gunderson, California
Kim Cleves, California IDDT, United Kingdom
Troop 3923, Girl Scouts, BelCarlos, California Diabetes Society of Sonoma County, California
Troop 1190, Brownies, BelCarlos, California Lucas Family, Cincinnati, Ohio
Bonnie Hassett, California Joanne Koski, California
Helen Lum Leong 's Troop 1393 BelCarlosGirl Scouts Petra Tucker, California
Middlesex Diabetic Support Group Paula DuBourdieu, Illinois
Trevor Whittaker,  Bryant, Arkansas The Smith Family,  Bryant, Arkansas
Andrea Grishman & son Eric, Slidell, Louisiana Sheryl & Tyler Hill
Lee & Chuck Hoskin, London, Ontario, Canada Bari Baker, Long Island, New York
Block R Students, Ralston Middle School, Belmont California Troop 2728,Girl Scouts, BelCarlos, California
Children With Diabetes, UK The Cenfetelli Family,  Pennsylvania
Metoyer Family,  Natchitoches, LA  



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